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Hand-painted upcycled jacket
hand painting an abstract watercolor in pastel colors

Art and Creative Living

by Kendra W. Houston

Hello there!

My name is Kendra W. Houston.

I am an artist, fashion designer, and educator currently living my best creative life in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.


My specialization lies in sustainable fashion: I upcycle secondhand garments by hand-painting on them to create unique and totally functional works of art that you can wear.


Pursuing other forms of creative expression on the side—such as commissions in other art mediums or my seasonal greeting cards—allows me to continue to grow, learn, play, and improve as an artist and person.


Finally, The Casual Reply art & lifestyle magazine is my way of giving back and building community through art education and curation. My plan is to slowly build up a huge resource of beautiful tools and interdisciplinary inspiration for those interested in fostering a more creative life for themselves.


There’s so much I hope to share from my many years of experience living, working, and teaching creatively. Please explore my page, and consider signing up for my newsletter if you’d like to join me on my journey and keep up with my work throughout the seasons.

Kendra W. Houston of The Casual Reply wearing a hand-painted hummingbird tie
Woman wearing a dress with a hand-painted Welsh Dragon breathing fire

Brushstroke of Midnight  •  2023 LOOKBOOK 

Bottom hem of a dress that is hand-painted with a Welsh Dragon breathing fire

Hand-painted fashion for every occasion.

Frequency of 1-3 emails per month.

Drawing of flower buds on a branch in sepia tones
Drawing of flower buds in sepia tones
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