Painted for You

You send me a clothing item or accessory, I send back a work of art! 

Fill out the form below for an estimate on the cost and timing of your project.

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Name *
i.e. dress, suit, tie, scarf, bag, etc.
i.e. baby dress, large handbag, XL suit coat, size 6 dress, regular sized tie
Here's the fun part! Let me know what you would like painted on your item. This could be as specific as "an orange sunset over the ocean with a sailboat" or as broad as "I like purple and butterflies."

How it works

1. Fill out the above form to start a conversation about your wearable work of art.

2. Send me the dress or other item you would like painted (my shipping address is given through email). Alternatively, you may send me a link to an item you want painted. I buy the item, paint it, ship it to you, and roll the cost of the item + shipping into your total cost.

3. When I receive your item, I'll send a design draft for you to approve or add suggestions as needed.

4. I start painting, and update you with pictures if you like.

5. I send the completed item back.

6. You walk into your event, ready to wow!


*I NEVER share emails or other information. I use them solely for the purpose of communicating with you.

*Washing instructions for items are not affected by my paint: machine washables stay machine washable, dry clean onlys stay dry clean only, etc.

*Depending on the size of the item/amount of material needed to be covered by paint, complexity of design, and demand for projects at the time of your order, it may take me a several weeks to complete your item. Be sure to order it in time for it to be done before your event!

*My paints work with most fabrics and cuts of clothing. In the rare event that the item you send will not work properly with my materials, I will refund you whatever you paid for shipping, send your item back, and allow you to start over with a new item.

*Sorry, no refunds are offered after an item is finished and delivered to you.