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Holiday Shopping at The Casual Reply

Painted fashion, coloring pages, greeting cards, magazine subscriptions, and experience gifts!

Hi Friends,

Everyday-me enjoys Thanksgiving before getting into winter festive person me recognizes the importance of pre-empting the (increased) flood of marketing emails we're all about to get next week as holiday shopping season begins.

Thus, today I'm bringing you a few ideas for Casual Reply gifts you can consider, from main gifts to stocking stuffers. I'm featuring items that are completed and ready to go, but remember that I specialize in custom pieces in any artistic medium as well. There's about a week left to get in touch if you want one of those done in time!


As always, even if it's not from me I hope you consider shopping and supporting small as much as you can this year. It may involve a little more work than going to the obvious places like Target or Amazon--but it truly makes a business owner's day, and is more meaningful for everyone involved!

Idea for a Main Gift

For the person in your life who likes to dress boldly: A one-of-a-kind piece of clothing is a great option for those with unique styles. I've added a lot of cozy casual wear, new designs, and "under $50" options to my hand-painted collection--give them a look to see if one belongs with someone you know! Bonus if they're excited about environmentally-friendly lifestyle choices, thrifting, art, or slow fashion.

Blue Heron sweatpants under $100 | Luna Moth kids' shirt under $50 | Marlin pullover under $100

Idea for a Small Gift


My $2 coloring pages make perfect stocking stuffers or little gifts. They are downloads to print at home, so you don't need to worry about shipping. Wait until the very last minute if you want! I've added three new designs this year, and will have another one ready in December, in addition to all the old favorites. Most include both a kid and an adult version.

The Songbird Adventure coloring page, one of three new designs available this year.

Ideas for Subscription Gifts 


Snail-mail enthusiasts might love a single or set of handmade greeting cards. If you want to keep the gift going for a couple of months or the whole year, consider making it a subscription! They will get however many cards you indicate every other month until you cancel. Just follow the instructions in the product description.


The other subscription I offer is my quarterly creative lifestyle magazine. Every issue is full of fun & beautiful ideas, tutorials, stories, resources, and inspiration for anyone looking for thought-provoking ways to approach each season. Because it's hosted online, I can both keep the cost low and provide content in exciting different formats--think lots of videos, interactive features, downloadables, and more.

1.My greeting card subscription features different artistic mediums and themes that fit the season every other month. You save $1 per card by subscribing.

2.Title page of a nature & creativity article from the Fall 2023 issue of The Casual Reply Magazine. A subscription includes access to all past and current issues.

 Idea for an Experience Gift


I offer both private lessons and group parties, if you're interested in focusing on giving experiences over physical items this year. These can be done virtually or in-person. No matter what the recipient's age, level of skill, or medium of interest, an art class is a fun way to make meaningful memories and learn something new. Just get in touch if you want to set something up! I will even make a certificate/coupon for you so they have something to unwrap.

After all that, the Studio Assistant's reminder for you today is to try not to stress out too much over gifts! While they can be a meaningful element to the season, they are not the most important part. Have fun, be intentional, and know that this advice is pretty powerful, seeing as it comes from somebunny who thinks the delivery of packages is one of life's greatest joys. 😉

Until next time,


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