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The Sculpture Art of Chris Williams

A piece of metal, a piece of glass, and a piece of stone walk into an artist's studio...

Hi Friends,


It's been awhile since I shared another artist with you here, so today I wanted to introduce you to the sculptural work of Chris Williams.

Fish sculpture by Chris Williams

I love the distinctive combination of glass, metal, and (often) stone in his pieces. It's amazing that he's able to make some of the heaviest materials seem like they're floating.


 Of course I'm partial to his sea creatures (for those of you who don't know, my favorite animal is the octopus!):

Octopus sculpture by Chris Williams

But all of his creations are alive with character and poise. He says,

"My mission is to put a life force in the art that looks back at you. There’s magic to be found. And when it’s discovered, I know why I’ve made the journey."

The job of a sculpture is to fill a space with motion and interest. This is accomplished in each of Chris' pieces and installations--whether animal, architectural element, or furniture piece. The glass, metal, and stone together create unique effects and a distinctive look that any one of the mediums on its own would not be able to achieve.

School of fish sculpture by Chris Williams

Check out more of his work on his website, . And if you're lucky, you might also see pieces of his in a public space or business! I discovered him when I saw this amazing seascape installation at the Boston Logan International Airport:

Boston Logan International Airport Chris Williams sculpture

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