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What's in The Casual Reply Magazine this Season? A Preview.

A look at the top hits of my summer issue. ☀️

The Casual Reply newsletter heading

Hi Friends, I get asked all the time about what kind of content I put in my quarterly online magazine. So I thought I'd share a little preview of what's happening in the Summer 2023 edition! (If you're already a magazine reader, maybe this can help you decide which part you want to check out first, or next. 😉) As an overview: The Casual Reply magazine is a creative lifestyle resource, with a goal to provide content that is educational, beautiful, and accessible to everybody who wants to put more creativity into their everyday life. Here are the headings for a few of the top articles/features this summer.

(Some of the text might be small because they are screenshots of a full screen. Just click on any image to enlarge it and/or use the zoom features of your browser (like ctrl + ) for help if you need it).

Introduction slide to creative icebreaker games

These art icebreaker/teambuilding games I previously only shared through my in-person classes and events!

Explanation for The Casual Reply hand-painted fashion collection

This is the most comprehensive compilation of painted clothing work that I've put together so far. There are a lot of fun details here (including plant and animal facts, and who doesn't love those?)

Introduction to a lesson about making plein air art while on vacation

Something fun to try on your next vacation. 😊

Introduction to an art retrospective for Christy Ann Watenpaugh

I include at least one artist feature in every magazine edition. I loved being able to celebrate someone close to my heart in this one. ❤️

Introduction to a family tree art tutorial

Part tutorial and part deep dive, I go into detail on a commission that has garnered a lot of interest and excitement.

An introduction to an artist's rabbit article

Of course the Studio Assistant needs his own section! This season, Tiverton talks about his role in preparing for fashion and art shows. (I know he awkwardly looks like he's in jail in this picture. Blame my bad job at screenshotting a good moment in the video. 😂)

If your interest is peaked, it's less than $3 a month to subscribe and get access to this and all issues of the magazine. I hope to see you there!

Forever excited about his opportunities to assist with computer work...

A brown rabbit looking at a computer

All the best,


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