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Wedding Commissions

Whether it's a hand-painted clothing piece, a family tree display, a gift, or any other artistic detail, your or your loved one's special day deserves something truly unique.


My top priority as we work together is that you feel comfortable, confident, and cared for as we design your perfect piece together. The commission experience is 100% bespoke to the last detail, with unlimited consultation from start to finish. I meet you where you are; no question or request is unwelcome! My expertise in this craft and dedication to creating true to your personal story and style ensures the end result is an unforgettable item for you.


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What clients are saying

"Kendra Houston of The Casual Reply was great to work with, and her custom painting work is incredible. I commissioned a custom, hand-painted tie for my father as a wedding gift of a picture of him and I. She painted it beautifully and it made a wonderful, memorable gift. Kendra was responsive and easy to work with. Highly recommend!"

Liz B.

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