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Guess What Hand-Painted Halloween Costume I'll Be Making This Year

Updated: Apr 24

Hi Friends,


Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of mine. Just one of the many reasons is that there are so many opportunities to be creative--especially in putting together a costume! The hand-painted clothing side to my business actually began with this Starry Night dress I created in 2014:

Photo by Dr. Ron Shapiro

In the Halloweens since, I've continued to enjoy coming up with unique costume ideas and turning them into hand-painted pieces. Since 2019 they've been part of a couple costume with my husband Cole--collaborating with him now is even more fun than doing it solo!

2015: Monarch Butterfly | 2017: Maple Leaf | 2019: The Kraken (Cole was Moby Dick) | 2021: Welsh Dragon (Cole was my hoard of gold) | 2022: the volcano half of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Cole was the ocean) | 2023: to be revealed!

Now it's once again time for the annual guessing game of who/what you think I'm going to be for Halloween this year! When I do the reveal on the 31st, I'll share what some of the guesses were! As your hint, this jacket is the piece I'm planning to paint for my costume:

And when you reply with your guesses for my Halloween costume, you should also make a suggestion for what the Studio Assistant should dress up as...if he allowed us to dress him up (he doesn't 😂). Bad photoshop is as good as we're going to get:

Bun Gogh

Can't wait to hear your guesses (and suggestions)!


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