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Custom Designs

I hand-paint on clothing to create one-of-a-kind looks for special events. A custom design experience with me is 100% bespoke to the last detail, and the end result is an unforgettable item that truly represents your personal values and style.

Interested? Fill out the form to set up a pressure-free initial consult.

Check out FAQs below for more information. View past projects here.

art deco window pattern
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Let's start the conversation

I will reach out to you via email soon!


What kinds of things do you paint?

Object or era, person or place, plant or animal, activity or story...whatever is meaningful to you is our stepping off point for your custom design. My artistic experience encompases all subjects, styles, and genres. I specialize in working with clients who are excited to wear something totally original and inspirational. You by no means need to have a clear vision in your head about exactly what you want right now: that's what the consult is for! You can take a look at some of the past projects I've done, including pieces for environmental and wildlife advocacy, on my inspiration page.


Hand-painted? What if it rains?

The paint I use sets into the fabric--it is extremely versatile and water + wear-proof (even machine washable!). So there are no limits for the type of fabric or clothing item we can transform for you, or the situations in which it can be worn.

Can you paint "xyz" character for me?

I do not paint trademarked or copyrighted material. It's important to me that you end up with a one-of-a-kind, original work of art that's unique to you and can't be repeated again.


What is the process like? 

Through unlimited in person and/or virtual one-on-one consultations, we come up with a piece that you can feel great about wearing to your event. I source the clothing item as well as do the artistic work, because I paint exclusively on secondhand clothing items to promote sustainable fashion. The entire process may take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months to complete, depending on the scale of your project.

What is the cost?

The final cost of your project is determined by the complexity and size of the design. Dresses or suit coats start at $1,000 and neckties or scarves/wraps start at $300.

At our initial consult, we determine if your project is a good fit and if you would like to move forward with a design. You will be invoiced for a 20% deposit after we finalize the details of your piece.

What clients are saying

"Kendra Houston of The Casual Reply was great to work with, and her custom painting work is incredible. I commissioned a custom, hand-painted tie for my father as a wedding gift of a picture of him and I. She painted it beautifully and it made a wonderful, memorable gift. Kendra was responsive and easy to work with. Highly recommend!"

Liz B.

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