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Size XXL. This dress is perfect for the fall and winter holidays. The rich forest green velvet makes the metallic gold paint really pop. Trees, fencing, and celestial collar—with geometric design as well as stars and moon—feels festive and bright. And the thick and stretchy material plus the long sleeves means it’s nice and cozy for comfortable colder-weather wear. Pair with leggings and boots for casual days, or tights + glitzy heels and accessories for a night out!


A note that the size is XXL and this dress is much wider than it seems in the picture. I pinned the back because my mannequin is not the right size to best show off the style.

Festive Green and Gold Velvet Dress

  • All my designs are painted freehand. I paint on secondhand clothing items to give old things new life and promote sustainable fashion, and each piece is one-of-a-kind. The paint is durable and formulated specifically to set into fabric. It is waterproof and holds up to lots of wear.Paint is machine washable, so refer to the original clothing tag for care instructions.

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