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Octopus or kraken tentacles reach up from the deep on this dress. Metallic, iridescent, and pearlescent paints in ocean colors shine against the black background. It is a full painting, eight tentacles from top to bottom and wrapping around the whole piece, each with unique position.


Dress is a retro knee-length fit and flare style with square neckline and collar detail. Skirt can be made more full with petticoat or hoops (not pictured).

Octopus dress

  • All my designs are painted freehand. I paint on secondhand clothing items to promote sustainable fashion, and each piece is one-of-a-kind. The paint is durable and formulated specifically to set into fabric. It is waterproof and holds up to lots of wear. Paint is machine washable, so refer to the original clothing tag for care instructions.

  • Size is labeled small, measurements are Bust: 34-35” Waist: 27-28” Hips: 37.25-38.25”

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