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Silky teal scarf hand-painted with leafy green vines full of purple wisteria blossoms. The painted side of the fabric catches the light nicely with a soft shine that highlights the flowers. Will be sent pre-tied so you can drop it over your shoulders as a wrap (as shown in the first pictures). Can easily be untied and draped around your neck, head, or even as a faux blouse under a blazer. Can be hand washed or dry cleaned and ironed.

Wisteria scarf/wrap

  • All my designs are painted freehand. I paint on secondhand clothing items to promote sustainable fashion, and each piece is one-of-a-kind. The paint is durable and formulated specifically to set into fabric. It is waterproof and holds up to lots of wear. This piece is suitable for hand washing, dry cleaning and ironing.

  • Size is about 1.5 ft X 3.5 ft

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