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Updated: Apr 24

I'm glad you're here! Let's Have a Cup of Tea Together. ☕

Hi Friends,

It’s that time of year to slow down and cozy up. One of the cards in my latest collection features a line from the New Year’s song Auld Lang Syne:

Auld Lang Syne handmade holiday card

“We'll drink a cup o' kindness yet”

If I were to put kindness in a cup, I think it would be a lot like tea, warming me up on a cold day. So join me in brewing up a mug your favorite hot beverage and filling yourself up with some kindness.

A hand-painted tea-towel with clouds, sun, birds, and the phrase choose kindness

A hand-painted tea towel for some inspiration.

I often have the privilege to participate in acts of kindness through custom artwork I get commissioned to create. These projects remind me of the thoughtfulness and love that go into our relationships: clients have gone out of their way to come up with something truly meaningful for another person in their lives.

Hand-painted tie, given to a father by a bride on her wedding day - Drawing for a brother's new business, given as a birthday gift - Hand-painted candle holder, given to a friend in mourning

Making these gift commissions is such an honor. It’s a recurring reminder to me that kindness can be prompted for so many different reasons, and come in so many different forms.

Physical gifts are only one way out of many that you can use to go out of your way to be kind. Cliché but true: taking that favorite hot beverage and sitting down to share your time with a friend can offer as much or more connection than a gift with a price tag. I recently heard it described in the acronym JOY: Just Offer Yourself.

Kendra W. Houston having a tea party with her pet rabbit Tiverton

The studio assistant Tiverton enjoys a good cup of chamomile (although he prefers it room temperature).

Newsletters usually contain a “call to action”—something the sender wants you to do (like click on a button to an article or product). This letter's “call to action”--the thing I want you to do--is think of one way you can be intentionally kind to another person today. Be kind to yourself, too. You deserve it. Until next time, Kendra PS In case you were wondering…yes, I really did have a tea party with my pet rabbit, and yes he really did enjoy it. Chamomile is a safe and tasty treat for rabbits. 😊

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