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Custom Gifts: A Favorite Part of My Job

Updated: Apr 24

Custom art for gifts and celebrations.

Hi Friends, One reason I love this time of year is that I absolutely love creating commissions, and most especially for celebrations. Along with end-of-school events and holidays like Memorial Day and Juneteenth, right now we're also entering peak wedding season. I've been reminiscing on a couple of my favorite wedding commissions from this time last year!

Pocket Square

A hand-painted pocket square for a wedding

This groom's pocket square was a true celebration of the couple and their day. The bride loved the idea of a "secret" message being hidden in the piece, and decided on a phrase that was meaningful for the two of them: “Love you more.” She said that was their "couple quote". Now, part of their unique love story would be right over the groom's heart.

I incorporated both the colors and the florals of their wedding day, so that it fit seamlessly into the groom's outfit and could later serve as a lasting reminder of their special event.

Family Tree

A large family tree display

Details of vines, birds, and butterflies in a family tree art piece

(Names removed for privacy)

Last year, I also had the privilege of completing this family tree display for a wedding reception. The colored pencil piece was 10 and a half feet long and showcased five generations of both the bride and groom's family. It included lots of artistic detail and special symbolic nods to important members. For an event with attendees from all over the globe who had never met, it was a beautiful way for everyone to see how they were connected to one another. This was a super special project, and I've heard from many people who loved the concept and wanted ideas for how to incorporate something similar into their own events (wedding and otherwise). I'm even working on another family tree commission for someone's 100th family reunion right now!

If you'd like to know more about these two trees, and learn different ways to create a family tree display that fits into your own needs and budget, check out the Summer 2023 issue of my online creative lifestyle magazine:

A brown mini rex rabbit chewing on apple twigs

Another noteworthy event this season, the Studio Assistant's 3rd birthday! He celebrated with a favorite treat: some tasty fresh apple tree twigs, given to him by a generous friend with an apple orchard. Until next time, Kendra

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